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We’ve combed the internet for some fun, inspirational and useful gift items for that hard to buy for traveler you know. Below you’ll find 8 useful, 4 cool and 2 inspirational gifts, plus 2 more that you don’t really need – but will truly want! (be sure to read to the bottom)


8 Things that are useful

Travel Neck Pillow
This TRTL travel pillow takes a new and innovative approach to neck support. Containing a strong plastic base and memory foam, it can be wrapped and molded into place to support your head. This pillow stays in place, unlike traditional U neck pillows that you wrestle with the entire flight, or leave you drooling in the isle as your head gets whacked by the drink cart. Plus it compact, and uses 100% breathable cotton. Easy to clean, and easy to pack. View/buy HERE

International Travel AdapterInternational travel adapter
This all in one travel plug adapter AND voltage converter with 3 USB slots does it all. Converter with USA, EU, UK, AUS plugs adapter. Covers 150+ countries. You’ll never be without a USB charger at an airport again, plus you’ll make 2 new friends with your additional USB slots! View/buy HERE

TSA approved locks
Fosman Luggage Locks. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved. These locks allow your luggage to be inspected by the authorities without damage to your lock or bag. 3 dial combo. Good for luggage, plus handy in hostels. I always have one on my bag and an extra stuffed inside. Also useful at home for the gym or pool. View/buy HERE

Luggage scale
No more guessing before you get to the airport, and no more embarrassing repacking in public to balance those bags. Know before you go with Fosman digital luggage scale. Stainless steel, backlight, LED display, up to 50 kilos. View/buy HERE

Refillable travel bottles (carryon approved in case)
E-Z Traveler Silicone Travel Bottles and EVA Toiletry Bag. TSA and Airline approved, refillable travel bottles and containers for creams, liquids and gels. Travel light, carry-on and leave those large and heavy liquid containers at home. Or just save more space and know nothing is going to spill in that checked bag. View/buy HERE

Folding compact duffel
The Wandf foldable duffel bag is lightweight but durable, and packs up into next to nothing, making it the perfect bag to pack along to “expand your load” when returning home. It’s durable enough to toss in with checked bags, and sized properly to take as a carry on if you need it on return. Whether you’re checking that dirty laundry and making room for treasures in your carry on, or simply needing more room on the return, this is a great solution. I put mine to good use and love it! View/buy HERE

AC Outlet Portable Charging block
There are lots of portable charging blocks out there, but few suitable for travel that also offer an AC outlet option, and have enough juice to actually charge a laptop and cell phone. The RAVPower 20100MAh AC Outlet Portable Charger has a built in 2-prong AC plug plus USB outlets which make charging multiple devices on the go while traveling easy. This puppy will charge a MacBook up completely (about 1.3 times with a full charge) and an iPhone multiple times (about 6-7 depending how run down it is when you start). The device also charges quickly (about 4hours) versus others on the market that take up to 10 hours. Size is manageable given the capabilities. Comes with a case. View/buy HERE

Inflatable compact sleeping mat
The Trekology inflatable camping mat is light, compact, quick to inflate, and most importantly – actually comfortable. I’ve spend numerous nights on mine camping and I love it! Could also come in handy if your accommodation falls through – hey ya never know! View/buy HERE


4 Things that are cool

Smartphone photography kit
Who needs a SLR and all the weight, when you’ve already got a smartphone, and all you need are a few accessories? Kit includes flexible cell phone tripod, bluetooth remote control camera shutter, 5 in 1 lens kit – including Universal Octopus Pod Telephoto, CPL, Fish Eye, Macro and Wide Angle lens. View/buy HERE

Cork board travel map
Decorative world map printed on natural cork. Use to track places you have visited, or want to visit. Use it for dreaming, or as an attractive bulletin board. View/buy HERE

Compact waterproof travel speaker
EWA A106 Mini Portable Blue Tooth Speaker with Travel case. Waterproof, bluetooth, enhanced bass. Good for outdoor, sports, beach, hiking, camping – or in the shower! View/buy HERE

Tile Mate (loss prevention/item finder) – lost luggage, no problem!
While these are commonly used to keep track of lost phones and keys, because they are GPS enabled, if you slip one in your luggage, you’ll have a better chance at actually knowing where your lost bag is better than Air Canada! If you must check a bag, toss one in along with your business card for ID, and rest a little easier on that flight. View/buy HERE


2 Things for travel inspiration

Lonely Planet guide books
Lonely planet have long been my “go to” source for travel guides. They’re always current, and offer unbiased advice for both the budget minded as well as those looking for tips on higher priced experiences. Plus they always seem to contain hidden gems that other guide books miss. Good for pre-planning, and indispensable for on the road. Get inspired with Lonely Planet The World, First Edition: A Travelers Guide to the Planet

1000 places to visit before you die
The world’s wonders continent by continent. Both a wish list and a practical guide, this New York Times bestseller is sure to inspire, and kindle a desire to pack your bags. View/buy HERE


2Things you don’t actually need – but will want

Carry-on cocktail mixing kit
Ever wanted to enjoy a lavish cocktail in the sky WITHOUT flying first class? Add a splash of booze from the drink cart, and your in-flight drink will be instantly upgraded! Set meets TSA requirements, containing liquids < 100ml, plus the tins are reusable and cool. Purchase as single kit or 4-piece set. Gin & tonic, Old fashioned, Moscow Mule, and Champagne Cocktail. View/buy HERE 

Go Girl
Promising to help the gals pee like a boy, beyond the initial comical visual, this actually has some practical applications for outdoor activities or anywhere that is unsanitary. Fits in your purse or pocket, and is TSA approved – but lets hope you don’t really need to give them a demo. View/buy HERE

Now if you actually made it this far on the list, and are seeing some comedy in the last two items being purchased together for a girlfriend, send me a note – I’d like to recognize you in my next newsletter!

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