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The Wedge surf spot was calling.

“Ah yah, WillyWeather says the Wedge will be cracker in the morning – 2.3 WSW moderate swell. She’s an ebb ‘til mid-morning, then a flood. Weatha’s hot. I recon we should surfies tomorrow – grab our bathers, boardies and head on up.”

Which roughly translates to “The weather looks good, let’s go surf at the Wedge tomorrow.”

And so it began. Our plan to visit The Wedge surf spot went from backyard banter over beer and wine at a weekend barbie with longtime family friends from Perth, to reality the following morning. It also became one of the highlights of visiting Western Australia this past March. That’s how we found ourselves the next day, a car full of four 50+ year old friends, roaring down the highway, tunes playing, with six surf boards on our roof, and not much caution in our wind. We departed Perth early morning, giddy with anticipation, our destination an isolated and pristine area 180km north of Perth, known as Wedge Island, or as locals call it, “The Wedge.”

A group of friends ready to surf on The Wedge
A map to Wedge Island

Friends ready to go surfing

Wedge Island surf history

Wedge Island is actually one of 40 islands within the Turquoise Coast Islands Nature Reserve. Accessible only by 4 x 4 vehicle, for the most part sand dunes stand untouched, and the beach stretches unpopulated for miles. The Wedge surf spot is also home to a settlement of hap hazard beach shacks built in the 1950s. Constructed from corrugated metal and salvaged wood, some of these buildings, best viewed as adult versions of tree forts on the ground, have stood the test of time, some have taken on modern design touches, while others have been reclaimed by blowing sand and wind – buried and forgotten.  The Wedge appears to stand still in time, a quiet place that guards fierce loyalty from a generation raised experiencing it.

A house on the Wedge surf spot
A neighborhood on The Wedge

The area we entered was at Jurien Bay Marine Park, through a beach access break in the dunes. From there we drove along the beach road – which really isn’t a road, but simply an area of hard enough packed sand at low tide to be passable.

Driving on the beach

Jurien Bay Marine Park signage
The Wedge surf spot beachline

My friends insisted on switching up to let me drive, so it was fun to feel the vehicle response to the deep dry sand of the dunes, not unlike driving in fresh light powder snow in Canada. I jokingly offered to signal when they indicated we should go right entering the beach area, but clearly there was no need. We were one of only a couple vehicles on the beach that day.

What makes Wedge Island surf so memorable

The fine white powder sand at the Wedge stands in contrast to the blue sky and light aqua coloured sea. In a country that is defined by the beauty of beaches on both coasts, you might be hard pressed to declare the best one, but the Wedge in WA is easily a contender as top prize for isolated beauty. Wedge Island surf delivers consistent wave sets, with the wave size dependent on the weather conditions. The day we visited was perfect for beginner and intermediate surfers.

Time to suit up and hit the waves!

After driving along the beach for 10 minutes, we parked by a dune and unloaded our surf gear. I had done some kite surfing on the east coast of Australia earlier in the trip, but The Wedge surf spot promised something quite special indeed. Hopping from the car and its protected AC environment, we were hit with a blast of windy hot air, but there was giddy anticipation as everyone suited up, donned rashies (rash guard shirts to protect against board rash – love my Hurley rashie!), surf shorts, and bathed our bodies in SPF 50+ sunscreen. The sun was wickedly intense and the air was pumping waves of heat, but once we were immersed in the warm ocean water, all was right.

Surf boards
Getting ready to surf
Ready to hit the Wedge Island surf
Ready to hit the Wedge Island surf
The wedge surf spot
a Canadian surfer
Friends set me up on the long board, and it made a hero out of this Canadian surfer girl. Check out Hurley for all the latest surf, swim and beach gear before heading out. I picked this shirt up in Australia (and I love it), but the Hurley site has lots of other options online.
The Wedge Island surf spot

The waves were gentle by more experienced surfer standards, but at around 2-3 meters, they came in consistent predictable sets, and were delivered over a long shallow reach without undertow, that allowed catching repeated runs and long rides. The waves made us heros on our boards, consistent enough to believe we were better than we thought, and for a few brief moments that afternoon, this group of long-time friends relived our youth. At least that’s the movie that played in our heads. I’ll freely admit it may not have been what others watched.

women ready to surf
thunderstorm festering on the horizon on the wedge surf spot

We surfed until exhaustion kicked in. And later with a thunderstorm festering on the horizon and threatening our safety, we bailed once flashes of lightening were visible at a distance.

Group of people after surfing

With smiles permanently etched on our faces, and with tan squint lines to prove it, we packed up the 4 x 4 and headed back to Perth late afternoon. We were a car full of parents, feeling like tired kids, doing our best to hold a conversation, while fighting off head bobs and yawns. We all appreciated a good night’s sleep that evening at home, but I’m pretty sure there were still visions of surfers dancing in our heads!

Here’s a fun video from the CarryOnQueen Youtube channel that pretty much sums this post up. I challenge you to not have a smile on your face, and be planning a trip to Australia after watching it! Be sure to put The Wedge surf spot on your list of destinations in Western Australia.

Where is The Wedge Island, WA?

Getting to the Wedge surfing spot: There’s really only one way to get to Wedge Island – and that’s by road. So you’ll either need friends with a 4 x 4, or rent a car (Alamo and National tend to offer decent deals and selection) Check here for car rental deals. Out of Perth, take Row St to Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2 in West Perth. Drive State Route 60 for 160km. There are a few suburban settlements stretching out from Perth along the way, but after that it’s mostly just wind-blown dunes mixed with tufts of vegetation and the odd roo along the way.

A map from Perth to Wedge Island


Staying at the Wedge: While camping on the beach is prohibited, there certainly are lots of shacks in various states of care or decay, and I’d be willing to bet a few might show up in an Airbnb or VRBO search. But if you want something a little more certain, and legal to boot, you might try a place in Lancelin, about 30km south of Wedge Island. Hotels range $120-140. There’s a YHA Hostel at $58/night, and a caravan park with sites priced at $20/person for powered caravans, and $15/person for tents. Check out Expedia or for some additional comparison pricing. Private homes show up on too, so there may well be other interesting options, depending on your needs. VRBO appears to have heaps of listings too! VRBO has become a personal favourite of mine for finding cools places often not listed on the other sites. Worth a look! The “Salty Shack Lancelin” looks crisp, clean, and cute as a button for example, is a freestanding cabin on its own with kitchen facilities, and rents for $94/night.

Lancelin has its own beach area too, but for the more coveted pristine isolated experience, hop in your car and drive the extra bit north. You will however need a 4 x 4 to drive the beach road. And you’ll need to know your tides to navigate getting in and out of the area safely. You don’t want to mess up and find yourself swamped in waves, and loose a car to the surf. And taking a mechanically sound vehicle is also well advised, since a breakdown on a rising tide will not end well.

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Planning guides

Great for planning, and you’ll want to pack it along for the trip – check out Lonely Planet’s West Coast Australia guidebook. Or search out all of the Australia guidebook options on or on Amazon. If you prefer immediate access in e-book format you can get that through Chapters/Indigo as well, or at
E-Books General search link (CJ)

Lonely Planet's West Coast Australia guidebook

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Looking for a cheap flight to Australia? Be sure to check out (or if you’re in Canada). Within Australia I used Virgin Airlines to get around, since they seemed to offer the most competitive deals. If you’re wanting to hire a car while in Australia, be sure to check out these car rental deals.

If you feel like adventuring on Australia’s eastern coast, be sure to check out Learning to Kite Surf of a Three Day Camp Beach Safari in Australia. Adding a kite take surfing to a whole new level!

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